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This body lotion with Bilberry fruit extracts and Black currant seed oil will infuse your body’s skin with a velvety softness and a divine silky sensation.

A light, quickly absorbed body lotion enriched with emollient and nourishing Shea butter, softening and restoring Hypericum oil and Betaine, an effective moisturizing, regenerating and elasticizing ingredient.

Silicone Free - Parabens Free - Paraffin Free - Pigments Free. Not tested on animals.

A moisturizing hand cream with Bilberry fruit extracts and Black currant seed oil to revitalize and deeply nourish your skin. Your hands will regain their smooth silky elegance.

A nourishing, quickly absorbed cream, particularly suited for chapped skin thanks to its repairing active ingredient. Ideal for daily use, essential for comforting dry skins with diminished elasticity. Rich in Shea butter to deeply nourish the skin, Black currant oil to promote the skin’s natural hydration balance and Sweet almond oil for its emollient and soothing properties.

A moisturizing, deeply nourishing face cream with Aloe gel and Bilberry fruit extracts, ideal for preserving the optimal moisture and hydration balance of your face skin.

A velvety, highly hydrating and soothing cream thanks to the Aloe gel and the NMF (natural moisturizing factor) replenishing complex, formulated to preserve the optimal elasticity of your skin. Rich in plant extracts, olive oil unsaponifiables for their emollient and refatting properties, Bilberry fruit extract for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant power, Sweet almond oil for its replenishing, nourishing and soothing action, nourishing and soothing Avocado oil for its properties so akin to our epidermal lipids, and Wheat germ oil for its elasticizing and antioxidant virtues thanks to its high Vitamin E content.

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